Welcome to Bindi Parlour!

Where women gather to access our divine nature in a fun and luscious environment

Are you tired of “girls' night out” where you spend too much money on food, drinks, aimless chatter and then end up feeling worse the next day? I sure was! I wished for a night with my girlfriends that would bring us closer and allow for rich conversations in a way that was still engaging, playful and fun! I wanted to find a way to harness this magic and this is why Bindi Parlour came to life.

Bindi Parlour is a new take on girls’ night—this is girls’ night IN, where women gather together with intention to expand, and inspire. Because when women gather, lives change. 
Together we will:

  • Enjoy a sacred space to embrace your true self and be inspired to revel in your personal gifts and inner beauty.
  • Explore positive psychology concepts such as self awareness, self compassion, and engagement.
  • Get clear.  In Bindi Parlour we use brief writing exercises to gain clarity and set intentions to craft the lives we truly desire.
  • Teach and share tools to deal with feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, loneliness and anxiety. Who needs that stuff anymore!
  • LAUGH - the cliché is true. It really is the best medicine.
  • Heal through female connection and community.
  • Indulge with divine treats for all the senses.


How does it work?


Like the beloved Tupperware parties of yore, Bindi Parlour evenings are hosted at YOUR house. Yes, if you decide to become a hostess, together you and I will plan a luxurious evening of connection and reflection for you and your girlfriends. I will help facilitate the evening so that you can also simmer in the delicious mix and relax into the delight of the evening. By the time your guests leave, vibes will be high and skin will be glowing. The end result is the deep satisfaction of a night out with nothing drained and everything gained.

If you are interested in becoming a Bindi Parlour hostess, please click here for more information.

Questions? Contact me.


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